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22 May 2010 @ 05:02 pm
Here's where the story ends...  
Well what a week of season finales! And other almost finale episodes. This post is my thoughts on what I have watched. It contains spoilers for 30 Rock, Bones, Cougar Town, CSI, CSI:NY, Fringe, House, NCIS. Don't read if you don't want to know!

30 Rock

I loved the episode for its funniness: Liz stalling Floyd's wedding, Liz meeting Carol, Kenneth being bad at his job, drunk Kenneth, Nancy (cos I like her), Liz and Wesley's kiss ("Why is your face like that?!"), the music as Jack and Avery move toward each other.

I did not love the episode for its Jack/Averyness. I was expecting that the baby isn't his. We all know I'd much prefer Jack/Liz, but I would have preferred Jack/Nancy (is her name Nancy? It seems wrong. My memory is not working very well!). I liked that Nancy is more of a 'normal' woman than the women Jack usually dates. She was a step closer to him admitting that he is in fact in love with Liz :) Anyway, we shall see how things progress. I am happy for Jack being a father. Aww.



I was expecting much more angst and drama! Don't misunderstand, I did like it - though I was screaming for them to kiss in the airport, and then for them to turn back and go back to each other and kiss! There really should have been kissing! But I did like the episode. In a way it was nice for no one to die, or nearly die. And they probably do need this little break from each other. Brennan in particular needs to realise that being with Booth is much more important than the fear of being close to someone :)

I also expected her to be detained, and then for Booth to appear to say goodbye. That would have been fun too.

Hubby's comment was "It's nice to be able to just take a year off." LOL. Very true. I know Brennan can afford it. I'd forgotten about Hodgins being rich, guess he and Angela can afford it too :)

They should do webisodes of life at the Jeffersonian during the 'one revolution of the Earth around the Sun'. See what Cam and Sweets are up to :)


Cougar Town

I love this show! And the finale did not disappoint. I love Andy being such a fan of Bobby. lol. I love them chanting Bobby at Stan so that he would say the name. I love, after all the concern over how to tell Bobby, Jules kisses Greyson in front of him. LOL!

I love these characters and their storylines. I'm a little worried that there's been nothing about Laurie having slept with Greyson and that that's going to come along in season 2 and interfere with Jules/Greyson. But I do love a little angst so I'll survive.



As with Bones, I was expecting much more angst and drama. When it ended, I actually asked, "Was that the season finale?". Well, was it??

I did shout "Because you would go stand in an open 'doorway' after shots have been fired!!!" when Nick got shot, and I was concerned for him, but I felt they wouldn't kill Nick as well - that would just be ridiculous.

Maybe it would have felt more dramatic if I was a fan of Ray. I don't particularly dislike him, I'm just not really bothered what goes on with that character. Which is a shame.

I was hiding behind a blanket after the scene with the team with Nick at the hospital - because it was all too happy again, and last time it was all happy happy like that Warrick got killed! And I was expecting that something was going to happen to Catherine so I was pretty anxious.

So now I'm confused about Catherine. Is Marg Helgenberger back next season? I thought something was supposed to happen with her character in that episode? Again, was it the season finale??

Speaking of Catherine, cute little VCR scene. Hee! I love Nick snatching the proferred paper back from Catherine and asking why he's always the last to know. LOL! Aww, Nicky.



I was disappointed with this episode. And the disappointment had nothing to do with the storyline of bringing back Peyton. That was handled well - Mac said no (obviously because he's only interested in Stella. Notice he never confirmed that Aubrey was the reason he was pulling away! :D ).

No I was disappointed in almost the entire episode. With the exception of the Mac/Stella breakfast scene :D

The rest felt entirely contrived and false. Peyton seemed unnatural; Mac speaking only to Peyton, and not to his team, when he first realised something was going on seemed out of character; it was obvious the target was the benefit Peyton was attending; why was injured Mac out in the field, and Stella and Lindsay stayed at the lab? The end scene seemed forced. I just was't impressed. I really hope they were just saving all the good stuff for next week's finale!



Okay, saw the closing storyline coming, as it reminded me very much of one from 'The New Adventures of Superman'. But I enjoyed this episode ;) OMGosh the Peter/Olivia scene. It's one of those scenes a shipper hopes for but never realistically expects to get!

Walter and Bell's interactions made me giggle. It's difficult not to think of Leonard Nimoy as Spock though!

I am looking forward to seeing where this goes, and how Olivia will get back. I'd say this was the best of the five finales I've watched this week.



OMGosh House!!! Again, rather a slow episode for a seaon finale. I don't know whether I'd just hyped myself up for some serious angst and excitment and therefore they were all never going to live up to those expectations, or what. But, I did like it. And I liked the House/Cuddy angst all the way through. And of course, I loved the ending!! But something about it didn't fit. It seemed too... sudden. I don't know.

I'm really thinking maybe the issue was with me, and not with any of these episodes! LOL. Could be the headache I had all week.



What the hello is going on in NCIS? Poor Gibbs! I need next week's episode like now!

I spend too much time hoping it's all part of some sort of massive plot that brings Jenny back :)

Also, what's going on with Tony and Ziva? They've been very... odd since they returned from Paris. Oh, I ship them so much!

Next NCIS ep now, thank you!


So, you can see how I spent much of my week :D I'd love to know your thoughts on any/all of these episodes.

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